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[IMG]calcined salt and non calcined.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 249K 
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[IMG]filtered liquid in evaporation tray.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:04 145K 
[IMG]filtered liquid on litmus.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 187K 
[IMG]filtering liquid.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 183K 
[IMG]latest red carbuncle.jpg13-Jan-2010 20:03 286K 
[IMG]liquid with sediment.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 155K 
[IMG]litmus test.jpg28-Dec-2009 13:27 32K 
[IMG]red mix float.jpg28-Dec-2009 13:16 142K 
[VID]red to white.wmv28-Dec-2009 13:18 2.0M 
[IMG]residue from black powder.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 136K 
[IMG]residue mixed with water.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:03 149K 
[IMG]salt scaped up.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:04 246K 
[IMG]salts from evaporation.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:04 296K 
[VID]second mix distilation.wmv16-Jan-2010 00:54 3.1M 
[IMG]settlement of waste.jpg16-Jan-2010 00:38 178K 
[IMG]sublimation vessel.jpg19-Jan-2010 23:05 252K 
[IMG]top view residue mix.jpg10-Dec-2009 19:04 177K 
[IMG]waste first round.jpg16-Jan-2010 00:38 199K 
[IMG]white residue.jpg26-Dec-2009 11:21 158K